I am so excited and expectant to hear how the gospel is proclaimed both here and around the world through these prints!! They really are such an easy entry point into gospel conversations.

Morgan V.

The art is simple, yet impactful, the colors are inviting and exciting, but soothing at the same time. The heart behind each piece is evident and well thought out.

Marc Z.

What a beautiful piece of art work. The framing and packaging are great and would make a great gift. I can see the love of Christ expressed in the work!

Ron W.

Simple, bold and definitely will start conversations!

Jeff M.

Art with Mission

Our Artwork

WHY BRIDGES: Jesus the Eternal Son serves as the bridge to God the Father. Our artwork functions as a catalyst, bridging conversations to the truth of God's love.

THE ARTWORK: Each piece we paint represents paths taken that God used to fulfill His promises. Each path is simplified to a line. Corresponding scripture and summary cards help tell the true story of our Savior and His significance in our lives.

THE MATERIAL: Bridges to Grace uses watercolor cold-pressed 140 lb. deckle-edged or straight-edged paper for our unframed prints. We recommend framing the deckled edge in front of the mat for a "floating look". For framed products, we use watercolor cold-pressed 140 lb. smooth-edged paper.

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